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September 28, 2018 XPure Systems


Resin is an integral part of any chromatographic process and often a big cost factor. Over time, the resin will deteriorate until it reaches the point where it needs to be replaced in order to maintain an economically viable process. As resin can be costly, you don’t want to replace it too early but predicting exactly when you should this can prove to be difficult when you’re developing new processes. When the resin gets exposed to new combinations of products and chemicals, its lifetime may vary and you might need to replace it after 250 production cycles. Or maybe after 500? Or can the resin still deliver after 2000 cycles?

Without experimental data to back up the resin costs, it’s quite difficult to write a robust business case for chromatography; the XPure-R is our answer to this challenge. The system enables you to age up to 10ml resin under your process conditions in a fully automated and time-efficient manner and can be tested in both fixed and expanded bed (EBA) mode.

XPure-R allows you to focus on your other research and will age your resin because it was designed to operate without attendance. All you need to do is prepare the XPure-R by supplying all the required process liquids, programming the recipe, and press run.

It is also possible to outsource your resin aging studies to XPure, saving you even more time.


The cycle time for an investigated process was reduced from 1 hour and 33 minutes to 7,5 minutes;  a 92% reduction.

For a resin aging experiment of 1000 cycles, the XPure-R reduced the experimental time from 64 days to only slightly over 5 days.