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March 7, 2018 Blog



(E.g. proteins from plant extract)

Expanded bed adsorption systems (EBA):

EBA chromatography effectively addresses the critical challenges of packed bed chromatography. It reduces e.g. clarification operations prior to the columns resulting in lower costs and improved yield. Minimal back pressure enables to achieve optimal scale of operation and productivity. The XPure-E system has been designed and built to perform EBA chromatography operation in a smooth and controlled fashion enabling:

  • Process development with enhanced scalability and operability
  • Handling viscous and turbid feed streams which are difficult to process through membranes or packed beds
  • Removal of clarifications steps prior to adsorption
  • 5-15 % increase in product yield
  • 2-4 x increase in productivity
  • 10-20 % reduction in waste
  • In-situ product removal and cell recycling (fermentation-based streams)