Composition and Specifications of the XPure-S SMB Chromatography System

  • Valve blocks dedicated to every single column, integrated to one valve block
  • Multiple pumps
  • Monitor and control system closing and opening valves based on time or sensors
  • Tubing between pumps, valve block, and columns
  • Minimum of 4 static columns, with maximum to 16 static columns configuration
SMB addition

The XPure-SE system offers expanded bed control for each individual column.

  • One pump every column
  • One Level Transmitter every column
  • One in-line strainer (resin trap) at every column outlet
  • Level control for all expanded bed zones, integrated in process control system

XPure-S & XPure-SE Technical Facts

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Flexible Control

Run 1–16 columns

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Wide Flow Range

Bench-top XPure-S: 2 – 3,000 mL/min

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Column Material and Size Match Process Application

PVC; PVDF; PTFE, glass or stainless steel, any other material possible
Internal Diameter: 5 – 300mm
Length: 100 – 1500mm

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Expanded Bed Mode

Optional (XPure-SE)

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Industrial Scale

XPure-S can be easily configured at an industrial level

Learn more about this configuration

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Ability to Run Multiple Processes

Batch process sequence can be programmed

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Robust Valve Block with high chemical resistance

5 inlets and 5 outlets
Max pressure: 5 barg / 75psig

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Integrated Online Instruments

Conductivity, pH, UV-VIS, and more

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Compact Footprint Bench-top system

4-8 column system: 760x600x330mm
Net weight: 75 kg

12-16 column system: 760x1200x330mm
Net weight: 150 kg

Improve purity and yield of target molecules to ensure high-quality ingredients for product manufacturers

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The XPure Advantage

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Easy to Use

XPure hardware and software are designed for easy operation and the flexibility to implement a wide range of process control strategies

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Scalable to Your Needs

Simple and modular multi-column hardware is designed to scale from lab or pilot to industrial scale

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