Composition and Specifications of the Rapid Resin Aging System

  • 5 resin containing chambers, each 0.5 ml (EBA)
  • Valve blocks dedicated for 5 inlets and 5 outlets
  • Precision pump
  • Monitor and control system for pump, valves, and sensors
  • Tubing between pump, valve block, and columns

XPure-R Technical Facts

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Dedicated Valves

5 inlet valves combined to 1 inlet, equally distributed over 5 resin chambers. Identical configuration for 5 outlet valves.

Max pressure: 10 barg / 150psig
Max temperature: 90°C
Internal bore: 0.8 mm
Max flow: 75 ml/min

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Very Small Buffer Consumptions

Due to low resin volume

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PEEK Material for Large pH Range

Volume per chamber: 0.5 – 1 ml in EBA mode; 1 – 2 ml in PB mode
Internal diameter: 8 mm
Length: 20 or 40 mm
Quantity: 5
Resin traps: 40 μm

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Pumps Positive displacement pump (peristaltic or gear pump)

Flow: 1 – 500 ml/min

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Fast Data on Resin Aging

Hundreds of chromatography cycles per day

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Compact System Including pump(s), valves, and control

4-8 column system: 300(W)x300(D)x500(H) mm
Net weight: 25 kg

Improve purity and yield of target molecules to ensure high-quality ingredients for product manufacturers

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Simple and modular multi-column hardware is designed to scale from lab or pilot to industrial scale

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