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November 19, 2020 Blog

Meet the Expert: Piet den Boer

Piet den Boer

Principal Scientist

Meet the Expert: Piet den Boer, Principal Scientist

Can you tell us what you do?

As a principal scientist at XPure Systems, my role is to analyze the client’s problem and make a scientific evaluation whether our Simulated Bed (SMB) chromatography technology is a potential solution. The evaluation includes scientific advice, proof of concept studies, optimization and scale-up activities, and marketing support.

I am also active as a subject matter expert for clients from the biopharmaceutical industry. My 20+ year expertise covers a wide range of Downstream Process (DSP) related topics. Development and manufacture of new biological drugs remains an interesting field with a lot of challenges.

What do you like best about working with clients?

By working together with clients, you get a good insight into what is going on in the various fields of the industry. It is challenging and stimulating to be participate in projects within different areas. In this respect it is important that you realize that for a successful project a good cooperation based on mutual respect and trust is crucial.

What is a current trend you’re seeing in the industry? What is the impact on clients?

Looking at the biopharmaceutical industry, continuous processing is still emerging. One of the goals of making biologics affordable to more people is very attractive and challenging. Also, there is an increasing demand for knowledge about the sustainable production of food like plant-based proteins and fine chemicals. Our XPure systems are very suitable for this.

Tell us a little bit about yourself outside of work.

Outside of my work I enjoy reading and sporting, particularly running and cycling. An easy bike ride through the Dutch “polders”, along canals and of course my favorite trip through the dunes along the North Sea coast contributes to a good balance between work and private life. Running together with my children and eating pancakes afterwards is really fun. And of course, spending time with my family is what really matters.

XPure is a ProPharma Group brand. In your opinion, what value does a client gain by working with ProPharma Group’s experts?

Most relevant is that clients realize that within ProPharma Group we can deliver solutions to complicated challenges by making use of the synergy between our different service lines.


To connect with Piet or our other experts, contact XPure.