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October 4, 2019 Blog

Highlights from 12th European Congress for Chemical Engineering and 5th European Congress for Applied Biotechnology

ECCE12/ECAB5 this year has been successfully held in Florence, the city of renaissance. The event was attended by more than 1,000 delegates (Professors, Scholars, Scientists, and Graduate students) from across the globe. The event strongly resonated the fundamental objective to share state of the art developments in the field of chemical engineering and applied biotechnology.  The keynote was vocal that it is the time for:

Renaissance in Chemical Engineering

Plenary Lectures: Some of the Pioneers in Chemical Engineering shared insights about some important elements that can help in achieving a Sustainable Chemical Industry. The lectures included some fundamental aspects like the need for a change in Chemical Engineering education and the use of Chemical Markup Language in writing, which can enable efficient use of reliable literature. Some other major topics included Process Intensification, Process Safety and Waste Recycling.

Process intensification has been addressed from both feedstock to product conversion and product purification aspects. Product conversion highlights mainly involved CO2 utilization and several chemical, catalytic, and bioprocess alternatives were presented to convert CO2 to building blocks including industrial realization of Syngas Fermentation. An interesting approach was also presented as 5G biorefinery to use electricity and CO2 to produce building blocks. Purification highlights included recent developments in extraction, membrane separation, and adsorption/chromatography technologies.

As XPure Team we are glad to have been part of ECCE12/ECAB5 as a bronze sponsor. About 100 delegates participated in our talk on EBA-SMB Technology with very constructive questions after the talk. We were also able to exchange some interesting ideas to collaborate and become part of building Sustainable Chemical Industry.

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