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Reducing downstream processing costs

Bind and elute Ion Exchange (IX) chromatography systems based on the Simulated Moving Bed (SMB) principle has opened a huge field of new applications for adsorption technologies. It has resulted in gradual increase in a number of valuable products being purified using IX-SMB systems.

The innovative XPure-S™ systems developed at XPure combine the traditional SMB advantage of reduced consumption of process fluids (water, eluting and regenerating agents) with an enhanced process flexibility, which results in higher separation efficiency and improved product titers.

XPure has the experience and capacity to design and build custom-made continuous chromatography systems. Being part of a quality and progress-driven international organisation, we listen, understand and deliver solutions to our customer’s demands.

Our Clients

Reducing Costs

XPure has a proven track record to reduce the chromatography process costs by 20-50% thanks to:

  • High resin utilisation resulting in reduced annual resin inventory and buffer consumption
  • Less energy demand due to modular characteristics of the valve blocks
  • Robust, reliable and easy to scale hardware coupled with automation system ensuring a consistent and easy to integrate process
  • High flexibility of hardware and software to optimise individual SMB zones

All this makes XPure SMB technology attractive in terms of Design, Delivery time, Cost, and Smooth (after sales) services.

Research & Development

XPure shares the vision to continuously improve the services it provides to customers. This is why our team of process engineering experts focuses on developing innovative and techno-economically viable downstream solutions that can solve industrial challenges. We aim to enhance the effectiveness and practicality of our solutions through timely collaboration with industrial and academic partners.

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Current Projects

We participated in a European Union SPIRE2030 (Horizon 2020) project called PRODIAS (PROcessing of Diluted Aqueous Systems). In the project, along with 8 other project partners, we focussed on the major downstream challenges that inhibit process industries from adopting renewable raw materials as feedstock. As a consortium of academic and industrial partners, we ensured the development of efficient process technologies catering to the challenges in time. Thereby, allowing European Process Industries to function in a both profitable and environmentally sustainable fashion.

In the project, XPure focusessed on developing continuous chromatography processes in both packed bed and expanded bed (EBA) modes. We further optimised our technologies for minimum process liquids, maximum resin utilisation, product titer, scalability, flexibility and productivity.

Some of our experts


XPure team

The XPure team is a dedicated unit within ProPharma Group and is able to deliver end-to-end solutions when it comes to Simulated Moving Bed or Expanded Bed Adsorption technologies. They all have backgrounds in biotechnology and a clear focus on offering cost-effective solutions as a team.


Menne Zaalberg

Menne Zaalberg (Managing Consultant) is leading the XPure team and is one of the most experienced staff members at XPure. He has over 25 years of experiences in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry in engineering and project management. Next to this Menne is very well experienced in the design, construction, and qualification of GMP equipment’s like bioreactor- and fermentation systems and (single-use) chromatography SMB systems.



Piet den Boer

Piet is an experienced scientist with more than 20 years experience in Downstream Processing of biopharmaceuticals in CDMO as well as R&D oriented companies. He has a focus on innovation and improvement of processes and has a Black Belt on 6 sigma. He did basic research on EBA technology and co-developed EBA systems for reduced-scale as well as cGMP manufacturing-scale applications. He holds a PhD in Chemical Endocrinology.



Trinath Pathapati

Trinath Pathapati (Process Specialist) shares a background in biochemical engineering (M.Sc., PDEng.), experienced in process design, development and optimization. He is passionate to deliver tailor-made, efficient and sustainable adsorption based downstream technologies. His expertise in analyzing process economics and strong problem solving skills allow him to address the demands of our customers from different industrial sectors.


Antoon Backx

Antoon is a biochemical engineer from the TU Delft. During his Master, he mainly focused on downstream processing and modelling. His first acquaintance with the SMB was during a modelling project, which helps to understand the behavior of such a system. Afterwards he acquired his process and automation knowledge during European research projects in which both aspects played a large role. Currently he is working with the team to develop and improve the automation for EBA chromatography.



Pieter de Wit (Principal Engineer)

Has a master degree in Chemical Engineering with a minor in Biotechnology. He is an experienced lead engineer in both process equipment as well as SMB systems, installations, start-up and maintenance. He holds a track record of almost 20 years experience with continuous IX-chromatography, both on laboratory and industrial scale, as process equipment design and pilot engineer.

Dennis Rütze

Dennis holds a MSc in biochemical engineering from the TU Delft. His main focus was on developing and designing downstream processes. During his work at XPure he leveraged  his process knowledge to develop the automation driving the XPure chromatography systems. Besides innovation and product development, he also leads system design, construction and commissioning projects.