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Choose XPure chromatography systems to develop easy to operate and flexible Simulated Moving Bed processes for your purification challenge.

XPure Advantage

The XPure Advantage

XPure Advantage

XPure is committed to improving separation efficiency by designing and delivering innovative, customized continuous ion exchange and chromatography systems.

Our systems integrate modular and scalable simulated moving bed hardware with a smart and flexible software platform, enabling the flexibility to implement a wide range of process control strategies. This holistic approach reduces resin and solvent consumption and increases product concentrations, purity, and yields.

This singular focus on process technology and equipment means we are independent of resin and media suppliers. Rather, our team of experts deliver the suitable and cost-effective solutions to meet your separation requirements.

XPure enables the purification of bio-based chemicals and mild fractionation of food components using an efficient technology that contributes to a sustainable process industry.

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XPure Products & Services

XPure Systems offers a line of innovative SMB continuous chromatography and ion exchange systems that are specified to your applications and easily scalable. In addition, expert consulting is available to develop your products and support your manufacturing processes or optimize legacy separation processes.


From bench-top to industrial scale, XPure offers a variety of systems to meed your application needs


Service excellence delivered by expert consultants who focus on your specific application needs, including optimizing legacy systems

XPure Team

XPure Team

XPure is a dedicated business unit within ProPharma Group delivering service excellence and flexible end-to-end downstream solutions based on simulated moving bed or expanded bed adsorption technologies. The team is a blend of mechanical, process automation, chemical, biological, and biochemical engineering experts focused on offering cost-effective process solutions adapted to your specific needs.

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XPure Team

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